icon-allied-50Waterproof Decking Coating


For over 25 years, the team at Allied Coatings has been providing commercial property owners, property managers, homeowner associations, and homeowners with a wide range of decking and waterproofing services throughout Southern California.  Protect your plywood and concrete decks with a waterproof deck coating. Designed to provide reliable moisture barriers that are available in a multitude of textures, finishes, colors and patterns. Perfect for commercial and residential balconies and roof decks, waterproof deck coatings are a necessity when protecting your decks from the elements.


• ICBO/ICC evaluated
• 1 hour fire rated
• Class “A” fire rated
• Less than 1/4 of an inch thick
• Low maintenance
• Cost effective
• City of LA approved
• ADA approved
• Extensive finish options
• Fast drying
• UV resistant
• Base coat installed in framing stage